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I just went to see the current exhibition at the New Media Gallery, DUST:

Search and you will find dust woven through the universe; swept up, dispersed and deposited across the globe; collecting in every corner of our lives. All of humanity lives on a fragment of cosmic dust…and we are dust. Visible, invisible, meaningful, reviled; dust has been exploited by artists as material, subject, ontology and here as landscape…full of properties, concepts and relationships and the potential to convey expansive ideas, Dust has been handed down to us through histories, words and images. In this exhibition it is interpreted through complex technologies, data collection, augmented videography and sound. DUST brings together three award-winning artists who have created extraordinary, populated landscapes, each underscored with striking aggregations of sound.

Features 3 artists:

  • Denis Beaubois, No longer Adrift (2013, updated 2023)
  • Herman Kolgen, Dust Surface (2010)
  • Michael Saup, DustVR (2018-2023)

All three are amazing. GO SEE THIS SHOW

Also shout out to Director/Curator Gordan Duggan who was our guide for the show. We try and catch all the shows here and he’s very often the person there, and he’s a great guide and personally excited about all the pieces and artists.